Friday, September 21, 2012

Now, It Is The Right Time to Meet Hammie The Painter


              This is me, Hammie The Painter, and this is my adventure that ended ingloriously! 

I live in a place with the most beautiful nature. As you can see for yourself the landscapes are amazing. So, that gives me the inspiration to develop my talent. I like to paint very much. Colors are my passion and I love to mix them in order to convey my internal emotion into paintings. I draw on everything that I can use as a canvas. I have so many pictures in my head that I simply have to revive all of them in the reality.


One day my mother was drying the laundry outside on the wire. I found that as a right chance to make the most beautiful drawings ever. So, I started to paint everywhere and I just can’t stop myself with it until I painted each shirt. My joy was endless since everyone could see my drawings. Everything was fine until the moment when my mom saw the paintings. She was shocked and started shouting at me. I did not know what made her so mad. I thought she would be happy to see me painting so well. I could not give her a good explanation why I dirtied her already washed laundry. I was sad that she couldn’t understand my art and no one will have the chance to see my pictures. Help me please!

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