Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Let's go to the Carefree Picnic

I'm curious, what are you planing for tomorrow? Look, the weather is great and I know a super cool place for fun. It is by the river and there are a lot of trees, flowers, and grass nearby. What do you say, it is perfect time for picnic outdoor, isn't it? Only, you need to take your basket with food and let's go. Or just, click this game.


Since the weather outside it isn't as at this pictures above, you may look for some other kind of entertainment. If you love the nature and you liked the suggestion from the beginning, you should select this game and enjoy in its images and also, the tasks.

Mmm, it is so delicious! You found the right place where you put your rug with food. You have a lot of food here. Also, it is various and colorful. And now, let's find all the hidden forks because they had lost somewhere around. Search the picture very well and be aware of time. It is limited on 2 minutes. Try it, maybe you will like it.


If you done with this task, let's move to the next one. Still, there is a lot of food on the picnic table. Now, you need to find certain groceries and items. For your correct clicks you will win different points depending of the time that you will spend looking for them. Try not to make wrong clicks. They are taking away precious seconds of your time.  

At the end, spot the differences task is waiting for you. These two seemingly identical places are different in some spots. Find them to win points and to finished the carefree picnic. All the best!

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