Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hidden Conversation Hearts

One good conversation has magic power and cures the soul. Every problem looks smaller when we share it with others. We can get some needed information even only if we talk to someone. Also, we learn that way. Our life can be richer if we have someone to go on coffee break with and that's quite good excuse for conversation. We accept much easier some situation that looks like hopeless when we hear other opinions. It is much better when you are in company or at least, in pair. That magic number allows us to divide each problem in half and the happiness experienced in two is twice as larger. So, do not you dare pull inside rather talk to friends. The sadness always lurks behind the corner, do not you let it in. You always need to seek for happy conversation. All the best!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Doggy Day Care

Do you love doggies? You should know that your love has to be enormously huge in order one dog to become your pet. First, you have to provide him a home, you should take good care about preparation of his food and never let him get sick. For all this things, your pet will be animated and will surely repay you with big love. If you are confident enough to respond on all of those obligations, then I will leave you one very cute and adorable doggy for safekeeping. You need to get into Doggy Day Care routine and do some things. It’s your responsibility because no one’s at home, so give your best to satisfy all his needs. They are stored in several rooms. Are you the right person for this task? Can you manage?  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Find My Diary


We use diary when we want to share our deepest thoughts with someone without fear to be discovered. It is such a marvelous book. However, we discovered a diary for the first time in life when our teachers asked us to write down all the things that happen to us during the day. One of the reasons we write diary is because we want to develop our love for writing. Also, this habit is good for our vocabulary. Writing this book can make us feel better and that is one more important feature that diary has. It may serve us instead of a person to talk with. So, we felt a big relief from the tension inside after putting all the things that trouble us on paper. This can have therapeutic character, as well. Therefore, you must not lose your diary. Or, you should get some instructions for such situation. Find My Diary game shows you all the places in the house where you may look for you diary! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

What is more beautiful than a fairy tale? Among other benefits, they develop children’s imagination and can keep their dreams when kids go to sleep. But, fairy tales are also a good base for making computer games. Here is one such a good game, which takes all the pictures from the famous fairy tale in order to hide some objects. Sleeping beauty is a terrific hidden object game only for enjoying. Your aim in this magnificent game is to help Aurora find the mysterious objects given to you on the list at the bottom of the screen. Find them as fast as you can, so she can break the evil godmother's curse. And, you will get points for each found item. Open your eyes widely, those objects could be hidden anywhere. Good luck!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sally And The Magic Potion

Our friend's opinion and their well-intentioned words are very important to us. They sometimes ease our decisions. Therefore, we cannot imagine any person in the world who does not have at least one good friend. Although we have less free time, we always find time for socializing. Even we try to find some time for pets. Everybody loves animals and wants to have pets. Especially children have this kind of love and adults opt to maintain the animals on their insistence. There are so many animals out there that need our attention. Our living space determine whether we can choose a pet. Before you decide to take care about some pet, you should know that you need to be focused completely to that little creature, which is relying on you entirely. You are responsible for him 24 hours a day. It means that you have to feed it, bath it, walk it and so on. But, when your pet gets sick, I suppose that you are very sad as well as one little kid with such big problem. Now, it is time to meet with Sally, the girl who search for magic potion. She is very concerned about her pet since it is sick for some reason and the pet isn’t playing with her anymore.Discover the rest of the story!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Find The Objects In Space Station


Space shuttle is the most advanced of all human revelations. Many years of work and a lot of smart heads are combined in what we have today, countless discoveries. Precisely, spaceship allows fast arrival in the universe. But, we as ordinary people can only marvel the pictures and camera recordings from the universe. Still this is an enormouse challenge for the best chosen and brightest people who have access to all exploring centers. Who knows maybe one day we will have the opportunity to travel into space. Until then, we will be satisfied with something less grandiose like a good book with lots of space secrets, scientific movies or computer games. Now, we are interested to meet with the games. Most of those games will take you directly into spaceship as this game from above. If you want to enter in to spaceship, first you have to get the minimum information about the space station. Also, you have to know to recognize its equipment and the most perfect techniques you have ever seen. They are given to you into small pieces. Try to find them by searching all over the place of a space station!  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Way Of The Tangram

The major achievement which one game can do is to challenge your brain. It is so because the game's last goal is to encourage you in order to include your brain in solving the game task. This way you develop your concentration and observation and it is not so bad at all. I want to present to you exactly one such a game, which will stimulate your thinking a little bit. This game created in China, it is about a very old traditional jigsaw puzzle. Ever since today, its goal remains the same. 

Therefore, your task is to assemble a given puzzle. You are offered a few pieces that you should use into formation of a given figure. Every lever gives you different figures actually, they are numbers. What do you think? Weather is enough tempting for you to solve an ancient Chinese wisdom? Choose this game if you want your spare time to fly away. Have a nice play!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Devilish Valentine



One of the great situations which you can find yourself in, it is when you meet an interesting person. So interesting due to can’t imagine your life without certain person. Sounds familiar? It’s called love. This wonderful feeling is so powerful that always makes a better person of you. And, after that you become available for him only at any time of the day. Also, you hardly wait to spend some time with your valentine. Until you fall in love, you are not even aware of what love can do to you. Love makes the world goes on. The greatest writers of the world wrote about love, for the same love died the bravest people in the world. The best films ever recorded have beautiful love themes. I’m sure that you will agree with me; without love we are nothing. Presence of love goes so further even to computer games such this one. Why don’t you try. It is just for fun! 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cleaning Day At Alma Mater


The most valuable thing that man can do for himself is to invest in his education. Today, elementary and secondary school is required, but only those who care about themselves select college education. School is place where we grow and develop, explore and learn about the world around us. Our character and our thinking largely depend on the level of educational attainment. So, do not let the school be your problem and undesirable place. You should try to fall in love with it ever since the earliest age. It will certainly pay off during your life. For those who already love the school, select this educational game. You will enter into many university rooms like libraries, laboratories and various other offices. This time, your task isn’t learning lessons, but cleaning those rooms. Take as much time as you need to put everything in order after your cleansing. Good work!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

City of Atlantis


Whenever you have some available time and don't know what to do to relax, you can always entertain yourself with one good computer game. Select Hidden Object Games because they are games with such power to entertain you without a big load. You will be pleased whenever you solve their task successful. Such is the case with the game from above. Your attention will be occupied from the beginning to the end. The game task is to find all hidden items from the given list on the left side of your screen. Hidden objects are scattered throughout the city, which itself is another challenge. Atlantis is a ghost city and if you're brave enough you will walk its streets. For this task you have limited time. Be careful and good luck!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zoo Break Out

There is not a better and a greater headman than the nature itself. It has created every single thing we can see when we open the window. Also, the nature has made even those things on the globe that we can’t see them. It created all the living creatures on the Earth. Especially for creating those cute animals, nature has got a great appreciation. Among all, they bring love into human lives. Animals are cheerful and amazing and they like to be always around people. Wild animals are beautiful as well. They live in the wilderness and I'm not sure, even they are so cute like domestic animals if they are so friendly? I think wild animals are very dangerous and it is best for us to observe them from a quite distance. So, Zoo is the right place for that. But, what if they break out from the Zoo? Select this game to discover what happen later!