Monday, April 29, 2013

Add Em Up

I think that answers on the question, which is the most difficult school subject, are all the same. Certainly, everyone had faced or facing right now with problems of learning math lessons. So, you must invest a lot of time and efforts, if you want to be good in solving math tasks. Constantly working on math tasks is a crucial step to the success. Now, you have a chance to do the most desirable thing and plus, solving math problems. For that, you need to start your computer and find Add Em Up brain game on the net. This fantastic game has a very tempting task for you and also, you will have fun while you exercise your algebraic sum. Let us start. Your job is to put a given tile among numbers which add up to the value of that tile in order to be eliminated. It is very fun, you must try it. All the best!     

Monday, April 8, 2013


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I must say that you have already found one of the most interesting games on the net. The reason for that is the game story from which you will be amazed and the next reason is its task which will provide a great satisfaction to you while you are doing it. Also, you can enjoy in the beautiful images that represent the levels of the game. Therefore, the game is very mysterious, so you need to carefully research every single corner of the images in order to find hidden items needed to solve the mystery and move to the next level. This way you will discover the whole story, so make sure you get until the end. Here's a little help especially for you. I made up a video game play in order to simplify your task and, at the same time to enjoy while watching it. Have a great fun moments!