Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unforgettable Romance Of Rome

Romance Of Rome

All roads lead to Rome! Eternal city is one of the prettiest cities in the world which has maintained most of the ancient monuments. Therefore, this city has the greatest number of tourists throughout whole year. If curiosity is the feature that defines your character, then you have to visit Rome. No one can find enough words to describe its beauty. These are things that must be experienced. The greatness of the Rome is so big that even the greatest conquerors in the world could not resign to its grace. To this day, it stands proud defying the centuries to welcome all the guests. Be one of those who will feel the spirit of the past. Let your happen one sweet romance like in this game. Follow Marcus and he will show the right way to all the important places, behind which lies an unforgettable adventure. He has already found the love of his life, so you should be around to help him get her hand. Try to use all the useful advices of wise man who will escort you all the time. By the way, you have to search for a lot of hidden objects and all kinds of items. All the best!   

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Curse Of The Amsterdam Diamond


The Curse Of The Amsterdam Diamond

I’m curious whether you always have goodwill for trip? How much time you spend on thinking and planning, before you go to visit some new place? I love to travel and it is the best surprise for me because I think, the best spent time is time needed for some trip. We love to spend the summer vacation out of our living place. If we have the chance to visit different areas every time, then we have a great luck. Each trip excites in all possible ways. I love to travel because, only that way, you have the chance to meet new friends, totally new attitudes, new social systems different from ours. With all that, our character is changing positively and our opinion becomes much richer. Therefore, we become more open and accessible for novelties, more tolerant for people different from us. So, with each new destination we invest in ourselves and we become a better person. Because of that, every new trip brings new experiences. Imagine that some mystery is hiding behind your next trip. Would you take that challenge if you are asked to be on a secret mission? Do you want to try get into the role of some investigator from the very beginning of your trip? You have to be careful on every little detail to solve the task. Amsterdam is waiting for you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Haunted House-Are You Fearless?

Haunted House

Fear of the unknown is what makes a man the most afraid. You will know how to oppose the enemy as soon as you discover it. But, when you don’t know what it is, fear creeps into your body. Also, you don’t know what to expect and you should be really brave to go on. Precisely the mystery about ghosts is such a case. Surely you've heard many stories about them and various situations with them. Even thou they are divided into good and bad ghosts. There is a belief that they are trapped souls of people who have not completed their mission on earth. So, the ghosts haunt houses or people while desperately asking for help. Their time of appearance is the night or exactly the midnight. They can’t be seen by everybody, just chosen. Also, big fame is created around this theme. Who are those people who mediate in communication with spirits? How many of you know about this story? Whether you are convinced of their existence? It means there are still, a huge number of unanswered questions. So if you are brave come to Haunted House and break down the fear!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beauty And The Beast-Love Story

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Love is all around us. We live to find love. So, it means that our whole life is simple a search for love. But love isn’t simple! Therefore, all our wishes and dreams are marked by love. But somehow, youth is always associated with daydreaming about it. We dream about gorgeous prince and one big love reserved only for us. And, we are waiting for a very special love to happen to us. So, we constantly hunger for love like those from the fairy tales and we hope that will last a lifetime. Is not that wonderful? How many of you believe that you will experience that kind of love in order to get old together? If you are suspicious, you always have tales to restore your faith in love. Believe me your mood can be improved just after you read some fairy tale. No matter how old are you, always comes well a good text with love content. The fairy tales are for all ages. Start with Beauty and the Beast!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enigmatic Letter Story

Enigmatic Letter Story

What content can be written in an ordinary letter? Do you know whether all letters are ordinary? In the distant past letter was the only way of distance communication. It had to take some time to get response because of the transfer from one place to another. People have been waiting the postman with a big impatient, especially when it comes to important information. Today all these troubles are shortened. Only for one moment can be established a connection, no matter which part of the world do you live. Phones, computers and various other inventions help in all that. But the letters remained as a feature of one time gone by which has had a romantic overtones. Yet, it is so sweet that expectation of response if it comes to a love letter. Its sentences written from the heart were read with the special ember. It is like a real art if you can express your feelings through the written words. How would you feel if you read such a letter addressed just for you? Isn’t that romantic? Would you guard it carefully and save it from losing? Therefore, what would you do if you receive a letter with very important information and your dog tears it up to pieces? You have to assemble the parts like in Enigmatic Letter Story. Have a nice play!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Exciting Shopping

Life is a fast car which drives into unknown destination. You never know where it will take you to. We only know that the car is moving on too fast for our taste, so we can’t see many things by the road. Wise man is one who knows to read those signs by slowing down that fast car. We all know that the days and the years pass so quickly, while we are rushing towards in order to reach some goals. And, we always have a goal! It is called life. Persons with big luck can find time for small pleasures. We usually do the basics duties during the day and for all the rest, if there is time left. Because of running that kind of life, we are ​​often unhappy. So, let me ask you one question. What may expressly fix your mood? Which proposal can put a smile into your face? What do you think about an Exciting Shopping?  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lost Memories

What is a person without memories? Absolutely nothing. Memories are very important to people since they define us like persons. Therefore, all our beautiful happenings today become only pleasant memories right after the next day. Sometimes we try very hard to preserve some memories fresh for a long time. We try to keep them carefully in order not to fade because they increase good feelings whenever we remember them. Of course, we should remember the time behind us, but we mustn’t cling to it. We only need to strive for our future and our life must go in that direction. So, be careful when you make decisions! Someone says that good and secure future can be built on solid foundations of the past. Everything that is stored there helps us to go through life with a raised head. Just imagine what happens when all that can disappear easily. You wake up one day and don’t know anything about yourself or others. You know neither your name nor the faces of people around you. Lost memory is the worst punishment that can happen to you of all head injuries. The returning of your memory is long and difficult procedure. Only the support of your closest family can help you. The person who knows your past can take you to the fundamental moments of your life, which is good starting point in the therapy. If you are interested in the rest of the story, check how George returned his memory!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dupligon-Art of Memory

Everyone is looking for some entertainment for their leisure time. Depending on the interests of some person, there are different ways for wining boredom. Books, movies and music are disposable at any time. But, most of our give their trust to the Internet. There we can find everything about anything that we can think of. And we can do that whenever we want. Billions of information is collected in one place and there we can find information about all today’s life spheres. So, just place the issue and the Internet is here to answer all the questions. Be sure that none of your questions will remain unanswered. 

But, if you want some fun, then surrender your trust to computer games like this one from above. It will break your boredom and will repair your mood after successfully solved task because every correct answer to the game task represents a real satisfaction. This is my favorite since it is that kind of game that force me to think. Also, it is a very addictive game because it can practice your memory. Select Dupligon and try to solve its task. You need to remember a given figure and try to draw exactly the same recalling your memory. Select this game, you will enjoy as much as I do!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Library-World Of Imagination

Written words have enormously big power. The enduring thing can be only the thing which is written. Because of that, every person is trying to leave something permanent behind. Not every man has that luck of being able to express his thoughts and feelings through writing. We can say that they are the blessed people. The word "writer" has a very high rank among the myriad professions that man can have. In fact, writing is a talent that requires nurturing and developing through the whole life. So, every life experience can be very helpful for the writers since they try to provoke some emotions into each reader. But, if you want to be a good writer you have to be a good reader first. A book can never be out of fashion because no matter when it is written, we can always take out something worth from it. Therefore, a book allows you to enter into brand new world and walk out richer with the experience more. Let the books be your best friends and the library, place where you spend time gladly. Get into that magic world!