Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lost Ship

A huge number of ships had ended at the bottom of the many seas. The most frequent accidents are those in which the ship simply can’t defeat the anger of the sea waves and it is swallowed by the deep water. Human losses are still high because depending on the boat size, there are lots of people on the board at the time of accident. If a signal for help is sent on the time, there are chances of rescuing the passengers, but in the other case, only a few people can manage to survive. The sea is unpredictable because danger is lurking from all sides. You can become easily a prey to sharks or a victim to the salt water. However, ships always end up in one place and that is at the bottom of the sea. Some ships were never found and some are detected nowadays by using the modern technology. But, whenever a ship is found no matter the way of finding, it represents a real enigma for inventors. They always hope that they will discover some compelling story from the past because there must be at least one. If you're seeking for adventure, you stumbled on a real game. The Lost Ship is full of mysterious information that can be the answers of many questions. Good luck! 

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today, when I was selecting a game for my new blog post, I easily chose Egypt. Just look at one of its beautiful pictures and you'll know why I selected it from a multitude of other games. No one can remain indifferent while is looking at carved figures in front of the pyramids which were able to defeat even the time. Pyramids, the only remaining wonder of the world are placed right here in Egypt, the country of secrets and mysteries. Also, its rich history written by the past is the real treat for tourists around the world. Egypt has a beautiful sandy beach, as well and very often is the first choice for summer vacation. You need only to search for the tourist offers and package arrangements. But, if you are like me and you are not planning a holiday, then it is left to us only a search for entertainment in the Internet. So, click this game to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and experience the same joy as you were there. While you are looking at the game pictures, your task is to seek hidden objects. They are given to you at the bottom of the screen. Make sure to find them all for a short period of time. In parallel with solving the task, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a virtual trip to Egypt!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Find The Pests

I will ask you to look carefully at the game picture above. I can freely say that this game is very interesting for me and for those ones like me who are not afraid of insects and small critters. Do you fear of spiders or other insects that can bite you? Yet, they do not bite by any case, but only when their life is in danger. So, they defend themselves in that manner. Other kind of insects like flies is totally harmless but very boring because they always buzz around your head whenever you lay down to sleep. Anyhow, we can’t eradicate them completely because all the insects are very important group of creatures in the food chain without which can’t be carried out a normal life on our planet. However, knowing this information, I hope that now, you will look at the insects in different way, not only as vermin, but as our major helpers. It means that computer games on this subject are harmless too. Try some of them in which your task is to seek for finding and killing all the pests. In this game, you need to kill pests manually by using the left click of your mouse. Have a nice play! 

Friday, July 20, 2012



When you don’t know what to do, when you don’t know how to entertain yourself, when you are bored, you can always sit by your computer and start looking for a fun. The computer is offering different types of fun. One of the ways to fulfill your free time and have some fun is to play games. There are lots of fun games on the net that can keep your attention. But, my favorite game genre is puzzle games. There are many fun and terrific puzzle games, but lately I enjoy playing one very fun puzzle game named Billit. Billit is one of the best free online puzzle game that can keep my attention for a long time. The point of this fun game is to slow down the balls, if you want to rank them before they reach their destination. All this balls have to reach the exits in the right sequence. This game has 30 levels to play. Try not to lose all your lives, but if you do you have to go back one level and get 1 life. You have to end the game with the highest life. It is not as hard as it looks. Play this stunning game and enjoy in your free time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Find Your Kitten

Do you like cats? Do you like kittens? If you do, then you have to play this amazing game named Find Your Kitten. This great hidden object game has beautiful pictures of the cutest kittens you have ever seen. The point of this game is to find the lost pets. Actually in this fun game you have to recognize your cat among lots of images with other cats. The cute cats are placed on the TV screen. You can change the images with the remote to find the right kitten offered at the beginning of each level. Use the left and the right arrow keys of your keyboard to change the picture. But, you must be very quick in order to find your cat because you are time limited. If you are not quick enough, cheerfully dog will enter the room to take your remote and hides it behind the furniture. Then you will have to move the furniture by clicking on the left button of your precious mouse. Even then you can return the remote at the start position and you can proceed with changing the channels until you find the right image. Try to be as fast as you can in order to earn as much points as possible. Have a great fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lamp of Aladdin Part II

Who has not heard about Aladdin, yet? I do not believe that there is someone who doesn’t know the story about genius from the lamp who fulfills wishes. It would be magical for everyone to own one such lamp, is not it? Unfortunately, all that stuffs exist in the fairy tales only. In the reality, it is a little bit different. You have to make a lot of effort to realize your wishes. Therefore, some wishes require a big effort and some of them a little less. For some wishes it is necessary only you skills to come true and for others you need an assistance. So, for the genius of the lamp simply don’t have place in the real life. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice, but we do not have that luck. We only have the opportunity to meet with Aladdin, who is just a character from the most famous same named fairy tale. Get ready since he has the power to takes you into the world of imagination where everything is possible. Still there is a small problem. Aladdin has already found love of his life, but he needs help from the genius to reach her hand. The genius was trapped in the lamp for many years and now, he will help Aladdin in order to thank him because it is finally freed. So, your task, in this game equal to the content of the tale, is to follow Aladdin and help him in every task he needs to solve, aiming to realize his love. Good luck!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Hidden Objects

Love Hidden Objects

It is so wonderful when you are in love. There isn’t anything like love. You are happy and satisfied until you think of your love. But, the real magic happens when you get in love with the person who loves you. Nothing in this world is more beautiful than that love feeling. Now, I like to ask you something, do you want to choose romantic games whenever you're in love. If so, I have the right thing for you. Love Hidden Objects game is exactly for those with a gentle soul. I'm sure you will be delighted by the game pictures because they are full of love. You can even feel the intensity of emotions that persons have to each other. Pay particular attention to the glow in their eyes. Eyes speak more than words. After that look all over the picture and start you’re your task because you do not have unlimited time. You must find all the hidden items at the bottom of the screen for 3 minutes. If you still have time left, you should read the loving thought at the bottom of the picture, they are all wonderful and different for each level. Try to remember some of them, never know for what they can serve you. All the best!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Stone of Destiny

We need wisdom to walk safely through life. Smart people say that wisdom is gift of life when you do not need it anymore. But, to discover and understand the strange situations that are happening in life, we need refinement and logical reasoning. Also, you should possess abilities for connecting even the slightest clue, which is available to you in order to discover the truth. All these things can serve you well, if you find yourself accidentally in a situation to disappear someone close to you. Here are the few steps what should you do first, if behind missing person only a list of objects is left and that is all you have to bring up some clues. Maybe you are guessing, the word is about extremely adventurous hidden object game. Its aim is to search for the mysteriously missing uncle. Therefore, when you find all hidden items from the list, the game sends you further directly to The Stone of Destiny. Only you can challenge it and solve the task that is always different level after level. Also, the game story sets you in many various and the most  interesting locations where you can enjoy endlessly from the beginning to the very end. Have an unforgettable time!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Finding Nemo

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What are the things you are willing to do for your best friend? It is not enough to say everything that is necessary, but you should do so. Lots of edifying things can be learned from cartoons while we are still toddlers. Each cartoon deals with some theme that makes you pull out only positive sides from it. So, it means you can meet with kindness, humanity, friendship, sincerity, honesty and so on. However, if you can apply all that into the real life after each watched film, the final result is to become a better person. Today, cartoons are very interesting entertainment not only for children, but for anyone who likes to escape from the reality into a new magical world. Maybe now, you would like to meet Nemo, the famous cartoon’s character that will fascinate you. He is an adorable blue fish who has lots of true friends that look after him. Here is the story. Nemo accidentally gets separated from all the friends and gets thrown into a home aquarium. Now, his whole crew constantly seeking ways to come up to him and release from captivity. Click this game to find out what's going on. Prepare yourself for endless fun!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ship Deck

One of the most interesting trips is trip on the boat. Especially nowadays, all of us know how overseas ships look like, so traveling by boat is a real pleasure. The ship deck is the place from where you may observe the course of the travel. There are a large number of facilities on board, which are contributing to experience the magical journey. Those kinds of journeys remain into your memory to the rest of your life. In order to give you the same sensations as you were on board, there are many games that take ship as a wonderful place for your entertainment even in your home. Such example is with the game that I want to present today and I hope you will like it because it will certainly provide a little fun time. What is the point! On a beautiful ship are hidden various items. Your task is to find those ones given on list at the top of the screen. This task is a little bit harder because of the time you have available for your search and it is limited. Therefore, you should be fast, if you want to move to the other places of this beautiful ship. The weather is also wonderful. Enjoy in traveling while you are playing this interesting game!