Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lost Memories

What is a person without memories? Absolutely nothing. Memories are very important to people since they define us like persons. Therefore, all our beautiful happenings today become only pleasant memories right after the next day. Sometimes we try very hard to preserve some memories fresh for a long time. We try to keep them carefully in order not to fade because they increase good feelings whenever we remember them. Of course, we should remember the time behind us, but we mustn’t cling to it. We only need to strive for our future and our life must go in that direction. So, be careful when you make decisions! Someone says that good and secure future can be built on solid foundations of the past. Everything that is stored there helps us to go through life with a raised head. Just imagine what happens when all that can disappear easily. You wake up one day and don’t know anything about yourself or others. You know neither your name nor the faces of people around you. Lost memory is the worst punishment that can happen to you of all head injuries. The returning of your memory is long and difficult procedure. Only the support of your closest family can help you. The person who knows your past can take you to the fundamental moments of your life, which is good starting point in the therapy. If you are interested in the rest of the story, check how George returned his memory!

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