Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cars 2 Find The Alphabets

Cars 2 Find The Alphabets is a very addictive game that was created by Cars 2 the movie. As you know, this film had great success and almost, there is no child who doesn’t know the names of all participants. Their adventures are big and fearless; therefore everyone wants to follow their favorite character. If you are a real fan of this movie than without thinking, you will select this hidden object game to supplement your knowledge about speed cars. All images are taken from the same movie, so you will have the chance to recall its content. On several beautiful pictures are hidden all the letters of the alphabet and your task is to find them within the given time. You will get points for each correct click on the letter. Also, you have to be precise and quick to win the game with the best results. Good luck!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Hunting of the Snark

The water areas have always been interesting and unexplored fields for man. His eternal dream was to get aboard and sail into the unknown. The greatest adventures ever experienced are occurred at the sea. Deep blue within eye shot and silence which is sometimes broken by seagulls, it is a part of each sea adventure. All of this can be experienced in the open sea only when it’s calm. In any other cases it's not recommended to be into the ship, even it is a very dangerous. Only special people who like extreme sports are trying to survive fighting with huge waves. But, however, it is not very wise to defy against the sea’s anger and outrage. By my opinion, it is better to inform yourselves of such achievements via TV or the newspapers. The choice is yours. Here's one suggestion, select The Hunting of the Snark game as another way to discover the unknown. Good luck! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carolina Sandoval in Rio


If you liked the previous destination then surely, you will like this one, too. Especially, if you prefer to have the same guide since Carolina Sandoval takes you to visit Rio now. This game gives you a chance to be in one of the largest and most beautiful country in the world. Brazil is great because of its cultural and historical wealth therefore, is very attractive to visitors. When I start mentioning the places that must be visited, I will run out the whole day. So, you better go with Caroline on journey. She will surely show to you the most amazing places. I wish you a great adventure!


Saturday, January 28, 2012


People quickly absorb everything that happens around them and they put that in a special compartment in their brain like gained experience for the future. Important role in all of that has the ability of thinking. Man like highly conscious creature, he will need to work hard to develop this ability. A special attention should be given to children, who need to grow up one day in good people. Our personal behavior will be example for kids how to walk through life. School is the next step in preparing and developing children's personality. For those who want more, there are books to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. But, for those who want to learn and to entertain, there are computer games for that. Their educational influence isn’t so hard and doesn’t cause resentment as it sometimes does school curriculum.

Almost everyone nowadays has the opportunity to play games on the computer. Especially, popular games are fun and addictive. Anyone who gets into their world does not give up easily and spends hours in front of the computer. The positive side of these games is developing a mental activity. Children become more resourceful and encouraged to think. I want you to represent such a lovely and wonderful game that has intrigued me as well. It's called Blobs. You must try it. Accept the challenge. You will certainly enjoy!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Carolina Sandoval in Paris

Yeah, how wonderful is to travel! I think everybody likes trips, especially if you have opportunities for it. You will agree with me that France is wonderful for visiting. Larger numbers of tourists visit Paris during the year. Therefore, Carolina is going on such a journey. So, you should select this game to see the most beautiful buildings of the world. Along the way, you have a wonderful guide who knows which places to visit. Your job is to find Carolina Sandoval on each image and do not let her hides you. For your search you have limited time. Hurry up, if you want to conquer higher score as well as complete the travel. Attempt your observation skills and you will be satisfied at the end of the game. Have a nice trip!