Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cute Cat And Dog

There is nothing cuter than seeing a cat and a dog in the romantic intimacy since we know that they treat each other like eternal enemies. This kind of closeness is a very rare and it has to be captured. And, the final product is extremely beautiful picture that causes nice feelings. So, it was also the reason why such a glorious moment is transformed into sweet puzzle game. Now, I truly recommend that you find this game and enjoy in the play.    

I may also suggest that you select the easy mode in order to start the game. You will see the image divided into 12 pieces. Click the shuffle button to change the position of the puzzle pieces and try to arrange the picture again. By the way, make sure to solve the puzzle within a given time.  

If you think you have mastered the first level, you may go to the next one. In this level, you have to arrange 48 puzzle pieces of the same picture. Also, you have more time available for your task. When your time runs out, you may always start the game from the same level. 

You should definitely try the hard mode. It looks like very difficult task since you have to match 108 pieces, but if you love puzzles it won't be a problem to you. The larger bit of the task the greater pleasure of the game. Do you think so?    

Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Decoration Jigsaw

Holidays are the most cheerful moments in life. And, we are so thankful for that. We love them also, because they bring all the family together. Likewise, we hardly wait the days around holidays, which are full of joy and preparations. Yet, the greatest holiday of all is Christmas. According to this, preparations for it, are the greatest.


As you can see in the picture, we decorate house outside for Christmas as much inside. Especially, in that purpose are used a lot of lights and lamps because they give a magical look to things on the snow at night. Do you like this picture? When you finish decorating your house, you may continue on the computer. Search for this game to enjoy and try your observer skills. First, choose the mode of your play and shuffle the image. 


Your task is to match all the puzzle pieces in their correct place to make the picture. Be aware of the game time since it is limited and you must solve the puzzle jigsaw before it runs out. Also, you have different modes of playing. Easy mode is first on the list and according to its name, it is easiest. The number of puzzle pieces is the smallest, but pieces are the biggest. I hope you will solve the puzzle fast. The next is medium mode.

Select this mode if you mastered the previous one and you want to challenge your abilities. Prepare yourself for a bit of harder task since the number of puzzle pieces is 48. It won't be a problem for a real fan of puzzles. So, if this isn't enough for you, there is more. You should try the hard mode.

 It requires a very good concentration and a lot of talent. Can you do that? Are you a real, real fan of these kinds of puzzles? Because, there is even more. You should look the expert mode at the end, but I'm warning you it is a little bit frightening! 

What do you say? Are you up to this task? You should definitely try it, until than you will never know how much you can!