Monday, November 12, 2012

Fairytale Crisis

When we are talking about fairy tales always imagine that everything is perfect in their world. Their stories are just wonderful to everyone no matter of the age. So, each of us always want to hear a brand new tale. In their world, every wish is easily achievable and every difficult situation is quickly resolved. This is the reason that everybody has wished for life from fairy tales once in a while. Do you think that every fairy tale is magic and that there are no crises in them? According to this, here is one such tale, which will confirm that there are crises even in the fairy tales. Fairytale Crisis is a bit different tale in many ways because the word is about a computer game. Let us see what the problem is? A big problem emerged in some kingdom where all objects with magic power had gone. So, here's a task just for you. You have to find all the magic items from the list, but keep an eye on the time. Pick up all the lost items through several levels in order to resolve the crisis. Then, this cute tale would become a true fairy tale. Good luck!

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