Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hidden Secrets The Nightmare

One very awkward situation is when a person lost his memory. Loosing memory can occur after a variety of diseases, crashes or head injuries. Almost everyone who has suffered the head injury says that he doesn’t remember anything after the accident. Also, very often patients are in a coma for few days or more. It is a very serious problem for people with such disabilities so, they should be treated with special care. But, let us be not so serious, this is just a computer game. The main character in this game has survived head injury after she received the lottery award. Now, she is in a coma and your task is to help recovers her memories and all events of approx. As time passes by, maybe she will recall the face of her attacker. For that purpose, you need to rely on your ingenuity in order to solve the puzzles about the mysterious event. It means you should be a little bit of detective to connect all the evidence which will take you to a right track. Good luck! 

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