Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome To Polly's House

We are trying to find place for fun simply everywhere. Today, such place is Polly's house. It has many wonderful rooms just perfect for our entertainment. Each room in the house is full of objects, but some of them are very strange. You will need to have good observer abilities to discover them.

So, I have already told you the game task. You need to research every room in the Polly's house in order to find all the strange hidden objects from the list. It is placed in the right down corner and you may use it every time you need to see what else is left.

It is not specified from which room to start, so the decision is yours. You may start from the TV room or kitchen. Move your mouse left or right to move your screen in the same direction and click on the required object. If you exit one room and enter the other, be aware that you may always come back in the same room to find the rest of the strange objects.

My favorite place from the Polly's house for researching is veranda. Check out why it is like that?

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