Friday, August 24, 2012

Indus Valley Hidden Treasure

If we just mention this two words - hidden treasure, it is quite enough to cause a great interest and curiosity. There are even the entire expeditions, which are trying to find a hidden treasure. Nobody knows for sure its location, but usually it is all over the world. Some people believed that the treasure is hidden into the big jungles. Others think that high and inaccessible mountains are full of treasures and some even though that the hidden treasure must be placed deep in the sea. 

The story is about someone's treasure lost many years ago due to various reasons. Some researchers have followed the movements of a group of people who have traveled or moved out to another place, by exploring the past. Then, because of some accident, they have lost their lives and their valuable things were left there. Indus Valley is one of the places that keep great treasures. I invite you to join the expedition, which search for the precious objects. In fact, it is not about serious job, but only about a computer game that makes you search for hidden treasure. Your task is to discover all items engraved into stone in order to find the key for other rooms. There are lots of rooms in front of you, which it means you will have to work hard until you get to the real treasure. Have fun!


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