Saturday, June 1, 2013

Snow White Slider

We never get enough princess and love stories with happy endings. Maybe there is such stories in the real life too, but certainly, all this exists in fairy tales. So, the most famous princes from fairy tales is definitely a Snow White. Also, she is the most beautiful animated girl ever seen on the TV. Just because of that, she is the main character in variety of computer games. Children simply love Snow White unconditionally since she is the kindest person they have heard about. However, today I have something entertaining with this beauty. Look down at the image! 

You must agree with me that the picture is just wonderful. Also, it is divided into 16 equal parts. But, they are little bit disoriented. So, your task in this puzzle game is to set each pieces to its proper place by sliding in order to get a correct picture. All the best!  

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