Saturday, January 28, 2012


People quickly absorb everything that happens around them and they put that in a special compartment in their brain like gained experience for the future. Important role in all of that has the ability of thinking. Man like highly conscious creature, he will need to work hard to develop this ability. A special attention should be given to children, who need to grow up one day in good people. Our personal behavior will be example for kids how to walk through life. School is the next step in preparing and developing children's personality. For those who want more, there are books to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. But, for those who want to learn and to entertain, there are computer games for that. Their educational influence isn’t so hard and doesn’t cause resentment as it sometimes does school curriculum.

Almost everyone nowadays has the opportunity to play games on the computer. Especially, popular games are fun and addictive. Anyone who gets into their world does not give up easily and spends hours in front of the computer. The positive side of these games is developing a mental activity. Children become more resourceful and encouraged to think. I want you to represent such a lovely and wonderful game that has intrigued me as well. It's called Blobs. You must try it. Accept the challenge. You will certainly enjoy!

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