Monday, January 23, 2012

Lost In The Tribes

Does anybody know how the universe is formed? Why Earth is only suitable land for life? When firs man appeared? All these and lot more of these kinds of issues are huge questions with variable answers and only small number of people know some answers, but generality they are still wondering. Or, simply they leave answers aside and accept only the information which can be substantiated with evidence.

What is well-known today is that the man, even long time back then, was a social being and he could not live alone. For that purpose, people were grouped in small groups called tribes. The tribes had own certain rules that have had to be respected by everyone in that community. This way, the tribe provided safety of each member, which was the most important thing for each unprotected individual.

This is a brief introduction to the tribe, so you need to choose this game, if you want to see what have done the one who is lost in the tribes?

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