Sunday, January 22, 2012



Wow, I have already discovered one amazing game. First, you will be enchanted by its name and then by its content. The most exciting day into life is the day of our wedding. For this purpose, we spend a lot of effort and energy to organize properly this ceremony. It's like an unwritten rule that everybody pays equal attention to this big day. It seems like that people want to reflect their love through as better organized wedding. Therefore, wedding plans are made a lot before that day and likewise, many people are involved in it. As you can see romance ends with the beginning of that plans. Then, overbooked schedule arises and a lot of care whether everything will be done on time. After the newlyweds, central place have bridesmaids. These are usually the bride's best friend. As well, they are preparing themselves very carefully for the big day. Now, select this game and see how three best friends fulfill their task. They have to do a lot of shopping in the shoes store, dress shop and choose a bouquet for the bride. And, for that responsible job they have limited time because wedding is about to begin. Do not just stand and watch rather help them to get ready on time. They will be grateful and you will get some points for your efforts. Have a nice play with this romantic task!

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