Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alcatraz Hidden Objects

Even though this game has a little bit of a scary name, Alcatraz Hidden Objects is one of the most interesting hidden object games because it will take you directly to the famous Alcatraz Island. There was the cruelest prison ever made. So, today everyone has a big desire to make a sightseeing tour since Alcatraz is no longer a prison. It is rearranged into tourist attraction and many people visit it. Now, enter in Alcatraz prison on the very fun way. Start this game and try to do your job. Your task is to imagine that you are sentenced to long prison term and you are sent right into the Alcatraz. However, you must develop a plan for escape. Only you need some hidden items for that. This is a unique chance to see how good your skills are in situations like this. Try to find all the necessary objects to realize your escape, but you should know that your time is precious! Watch on it. Best of luck!

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