Friday, June 1, 2012

Christmas Differences

I want to deliver a very special invitation for Christmas. Come and be part of the holiday atmosphere right now, when we are very far from it. Especially, I invite children because, I am sure they will get the greatest excitements from this holiday. Particularly, the great joy arises when you didn’t expect someone's arrival. I know that there isn't a child who does not like Christmas. Therefore, Christmas is loved, among all the reasons and because of the Santa Claus who always brings presents. It is a real miracle to arrive to every child in the world and give a present on time. I also adore the Christmas tree. Every family has a special ritual for decorating the Christmas tree. They can be in various sizes and shapes, but the thing common to all of them is that they are full of lanterns and lights. Also, around Christmas falls a lot of snow. Because of it, I like this holiday the most of all. I love the fact that we do not go to school while the flakes are playing in the wind. Then, we can have sleds to infinity. How about Christmas in summer? You know that it is possible, too. Come to play and repeat what we love the most for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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