Monday, June 11, 2012

Dining Room

Dining Room is a place where you can truly enjoy. Food causes the greatest enjoyment and because of it, dining room is the place for enjoying in all the scents and flavors. Therefore, I invite all lovers of good food to joy in to the dining room. There will be made excellent meals to everyone's taste, but there is only one small problem. All objects for food preparation has gone and they are hidden everywhere around the room. So, you clearly know what you should do first. Find all the hidden items required at the bottom of the screen shown in the form of small images. When you find one, right away comes the new one in the row. You will move to the next level when you find all of them. There you will enter into a whole new cuisine that will delight you with its look. Everything is in perfect order, just missing dishes. Here is one advice, think of some recipe while looking for the objects. What would you like to cook? Maybe, the offered meals will encourage your imagination and you will figure out what to prepare for the next meal. It means that this game offers double profit. A great fun while playing and new creative ideas for meals. Good appetite!

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