Friday, June 22, 2012

Lost On Hidden Island

                                Lost On Hidden Island

Accidents happen every day. Unfortunately many human lives are lost in this way. Nobody can stop that fact, because the safest mean of transportation has not been invented yet. The only thing that someone can do is to appeal to all participants in traffic to give attention while they driving. However, the largest and heaviest accidents are plane crashes. It is so because of the passenger’s number which it’s transporting and because of the place where plane can fall. Here's one computer game just about this. If you are fortunate enough to survive the fall of the plane, it is not enough to think that the danger is over. What if you find yourself on an unknown island full of danger? Most of all the danger comes from strange species of animals that you have never seen in your life.

Except from animals, also danger can comes from the natural conditions, which can be just as brutal. Unknown territory can be very unapproachable and your returning home can be very hard. Alex is a main character of this game and he has just survived an airplane crash. He suddenly found himself into a distant island and because of it, all the necessary objects have lost in the tall grass. Now, you need to enter this game and help Alex. He made a list of items that needed to be found in order to be able to find the way out of this difficult situation. You must be a good researcher if you want to progress in the game and to continue with discovering the game story. Have a good luck!

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