Monday, July 16, 2012

Lamp of Aladdin Part II

Who has not heard about Aladdin, yet? I do not believe that there is someone who doesn’t know the story about genius from the lamp who fulfills wishes. It would be magical for everyone to own one such lamp, is not it? Unfortunately, all that stuffs exist in the fairy tales only. In the reality, it is a little bit different. You have to make a lot of effort to realize your wishes. Therefore, some wishes require a big effort and some of them a little less. For some wishes it is necessary only you skills to come true and for others you need an assistance. So, for the genius of the lamp simply don’t have place in the real life. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice, but we do not have that luck. We only have the opportunity to meet with Aladdin, who is just a character from the most famous same named fairy tale. Get ready since he has the power to takes you into the world of imagination where everything is possible. Still there is a small problem. Aladdin has already found love of his life, but he needs help from the genius to reach her hand. The genius was trapped in the lamp for many years and now, he will help Aladdin in order to thank him because it is finally freed. So, your task, in this game equal to the content of the tale, is to follow Aladdin and help him in every task he needs to solve, aiming to realize his love. Good luck!

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