Monday, August 20, 2012

Charlie In Play School

School days are the most beautiful days of everybody’s life. This sentence carries a great wisdom, which is recognized when school days are over and left behind us. Then, every problem and difficulty from the school desk puts a smile on our faces and looks adorable for us. Almost I don’t know any person who does not want to go back to school again, at least for a while. This period in our lives is very turbulent and active for each person. Precisely for that, it remains in our memory for a long time. Also, that period is a period of learning and building the character. So, you should not miss a thing in school education. Every habit that will be needed later in life is acquired exactly in the school years. And, now knowing all this, tell me who does not like the school? Someone says it's hard, but it's nothing compared to the difficulties that you will be facing with later. The basis of life is work and learning, so start on time. Try to do all the school activities carefully and believe me you'll even have time for playing with your friends. Make a good schedule from the morning, follow the instruction and you will have no problem with the school. You can see how it works with Charlie. He knows the right things that an excellent student need to do!

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