Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Find The Pests

I will ask you to look carefully at the game picture above. I can freely say that this game is very interesting for me and for those ones like me who are not afraid of insects and small critters. Do you fear of spiders or other insects that can bite you? Yet, they do not bite by any case, but only when their life is in danger. So, they defend themselves in that manner. Other kind of insects like flies is totally harmless but very boring because they always buzz around your head whenever you lay down to sleep. Anyhow, we can’t eradicate them completely because all the insects are very important group of creatures in the food chain without which can’t be carried out a normal life on our planet. However, knowing this information, I hope that now, you will look at the insects in different way, not only as vermin, but as our major helpers. It means that computer games on this subject are harmless too. Try some of them in which your task is to seek for finding and killing all the pests. In this game, you need to kill pests manually by using the left click of your mouse. Have a nice play! 

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