Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bloody Hangman


Language is one of the most important mean for communication between people. The situation what would be like if we don’t have a chance to speak, it is simply unimaginable. What would happen to our wishes and thoughts if no one could hear them? Very bad, isn’t it? Also, we will never find out what is it in the mind of a writer. Now that we are aware of such a big language importance, we are so grateful for having the opportunity to communicate without barriers. 

Even we like to use a language as a complex wordplay. And, for word we say that is the most powerful tool used in our favor. Everyone loves to hear mild and warm words and with it likes the person who uses such words. Otherwise, words can be sharp and heavy and can hurt easily. So, always be sure to choose the right words! What do we need for one ordinary word? Of course, we need letters. Do you remember a game in which you need to find the right letters in order to get the requested word? All we know is how many letters contain that word. We must not make a mistake with guessing words because we will be hanged. However, today’s task is just about one such a game. Bloody Hangmen is hanging over letters from which you need to assemble the word. This time all the words are associated with the image in the top left corner. That picture represents a flag of some country. I think this is a very challenging task for you. You will certainly entertain yourself and recall the knowledge you've learned in school. What do you think? Does this game worth your efforts? Feel free to check out!

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