Friday, November 30, 2012

The Legend of Robin Hood

For those ones who don’t know, Robin Hood is the most famous English fighter for justice. He was very mush respected person because of his attempts to snatch from the rich people and give to the poor. According to this information, poor people glorified him, but on the other hand, he wasn’t liked much by the rich people.

He lived in the wood and had to watch out on his safety in order to protect his life. He was fearless, so very often got into conflicts with everyone who came out on his way.


In this picture from above you can see how big his fearlessness was. He would beat anyone who had more than he needed. This way, he thought that justice is satisfied by giving something to someone who had nothing. For defending and attacking, he used only a bow and arrow, and it had made him widely known in his country as much as beyond.

But, this story is not that story. Robin Hood from our twisted fairy tale game had to fight with unidentified flying objects and many other strange things. Do you want to discover what is it about?

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