Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Ghost Jigsaw

We are back with much more exciting puzzle jigsaw game than previous two. As you can see the picture is simply magnificent because it connected two things that it is hard to connect. A man and a wolf, the eternal enemies at one location and even so close. They, together with a black raven defy the cold winter. Only the strongest survive in such harsh natural conditions. You may start guessing the rest of the story or you may start playing this game and check your puzzle skills. After you hit the shuffle button, you will mix all the puzzle pieces.


Start from the easy mode and try to set all the puzzle pieces at their right places to get the whole image. It is very necessary to be quick since the time is limited. Also, if that bothers you, you can always remove the time and enjoy endlessly in your play.   

Actually, if you think for yourself that you are a nice puzzle player, you may start with medium mode in order to challenge your abilities. The picture that you have to assemble is the same, only puzzle pieces are different. You will need to match 48 pieces in to correct order. What do you say?

And, now look at this challenge. In front of you is a hard mode. Do you have the courage to accept this task? You have to admit that it is a little bit scary, but tasks like this one truly tempt. Another thing, if you forget, by any chance the order of parts, you can always look at the initial picture by clicking the upper left button. You should definitely try it and don't give up before you start because there are more of it.

Remember, it is not an obligation. You may play this mode if you are an expert only!

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