Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Room Hidden Object


This very cute game will introduce you with baby's needs. As well, the game will remind you, how babies try to get things they like, while still do not talk. So, adults love to play with babies and tell them stories. Babies are divine until they start crying and then we ask their mother to take them from us. In our interesting game you can meet one such a baby who starts immediately to cry when he does not have his toys close to him. From this, you can see that your task is to find all the baby items and put them in front of him to play. Among those hidden objects there are a nursing bottle and sucking bag. Try to find them first, the baby is impatient. Also, you must be fast because the baby starts to cry. Each item that you found, place it in front of the baby and that will cause the most beautiful laughter you've ever heard. Needed items are placed at the top of your screen. So, you have to search around the room for their hidden shadows. Therefore, it means you are actually looking for shadows rather than objects. Found objects disappear from the list and at the end of the game your reward will be a beautiful baby smile. Enjoy!

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