Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Date Makeover

Are you nervous? This is your first date with a boy you like. According to this, you want to leave a good impression. I suppose you want to look nice and, also to choose the best combination of clothes into your closet. So, do not waste time, but let's start with the preparations. Beauty requires efforts, a little knowledge and a lot of creativity. First, we will start with cleaning the face.

For this activity, you need to put gently a cleanser on the face with the sponge and wash it with water. This is the first step in cleansing the face. Like this, face is prepared for the next facial treatment phase.   

Face cleansing is continuing with a good scrub mask in order to eliminate dead skin cells. This way, face gets natural and shiny look.

This is not everything! I told you that beauty requires a lot of effort. Now, we will continue with nourishing facial mask that will refresh your face. And, you should always put a fruit on eyes, so they will relax and dark circles disappear.

When the mechanical things of this task are completed, your creativity is on turn. You choose makeup and hair color on your own since you are offered the best selection of hairstyles, hair colors and eye shadows. I hope that you will make a good choice of clothes and accessories and finally admire your work. I managed to make the girl on the first date looks like this!

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