Friday, January 20, 2012

Blue House Hidden Objects

Cleaning is one unpleasant activity that causes resistance in almost every person. You can make such a mess in the house only for very short time, but then you will need plenty of time to put back everything in to normal. Mess always happens when things are not cleaned right after their use. However, you will find yourself in one thankless situation in which you must clean the house when you just have something else planned. This game is just about such a mess. You should play it to discover what real mess looks like. In the mean time, the game will give you the instructions of never find yourself in such a situation. In each room of the blue house are scattered a large number of objects without any order. Your aim is to find 7 hidden objects to get out of that mess. Do not hurry; time is not limited except, if you want to win a better result than you have to be fast. As you can see, all rooms are crammed with things, so you should try to deal with it. Good luck!

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