Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Arctic Quest

Nowadays, various works of art can be seen in the strangest places. People’s creativity reaches so far to the most unexpected materials like ice. Certainly each of you must have seen the most beautiful icy figures. Some sculptors traded clay, wood and plaster for the piece of ice. This game prepared for you very similar pieces of ice like those mentioned above. They have different colors and forms like triangles, trapezoids, rhombs and so on. They are known otherwise as falling pieces which fall in the water and you need to catch them. This means that your job is to take them with your left mouse button while they fall and set them into a given puzzle. 


So, this game puzzle has a different shapes and sizes, depending on each level. You must plan well in order to use all offered pieces and complete the puzzle. The forms you are unable to use them, remain in water until is filled an entire row. But, you should know; then the game ends. Therefore, you need to make an effort and assemble the puzzle before the water is filled with unused colored crystal. You have a little help, too. The fallen unwanted crystal, you can throw it into the burning fire on the shore near the water. Concentrate and start the game if you want to try yourself how far you can reach. Great fun!

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