Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hidden Rabbit

Nature is a real miracle of God - the most perfect for our needs. Everything is proportionally and harmonious, so everything works flawlessly. As long as can reach your view, everything is fitting perfectly and worth admiring. Yet, the most valuable thing is wildlife which complements the picture of life since the animals give soul to each landscape and becomes an inspiration for nature artists.

 Every artist wants to transfer his feelings while he looks a mountains, rivers or lakes. And, not only for artists! Nature is an inspiration for all people who look at her as the most valuable thing that we own mostly because of the fact that we need to surrender it into hands of the next generations. Also, nature is an inspiration for creating large number of computer games such as Hidden Rabbit. Select this game to enjoy in the beautiful nature pictures while you complete its task. you have to find and catch 15 rabbits hidden in every image. The time for the search is limited to 5 minutes. If you start clicking randomly or make mistakes, your target time will reduce. Good luck!

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