Monday, January 9, 2012

Wild Safari

If you have a big fortune in life, then it will create you an opportunity to travel. You will surely agree with me that trips are the best things that can happen to you, and Safari is the biggest challenge of every tourist offer. The most famous safaris are those on the African continent where you can observe up close the wild animals in their natural habitats. So, adventures acquired on this way remain into your memory until the end of life. Therefore, safari is one great experience since everything is so real and so close to you. For people who do not have the opportunity for going on wild safari, this game will serve for it. However, prepare yourself for unforgettable adventure with a famous journalist Lucy.  She is sent on a mission in order to investigate some animals. Your task is to help her finds all the hidden objects on several beautiful pictures of the African continent. The requested items are at the bottom of the screen and you should find them for 5 minutes. You need to find them all to solve the level and moved on to the next one. If you accidentally find the shampoo bottle, click on it and you will see for a few moments the requested items. If you are fast enough, this will help you to see where some items are hidden. At the end of each level you will see your points scored. All the best!

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