Thursday, January 12, 2012

Arabella Gems

A very good way for breaking the boredom is trough good computer games. Such kinds of games are hidden object games because they do not require much effort. in the first place, they are designed to entertain you and relax you. Discover Arabella Gems in order to amuse you and make you forget about boredom. This game has prepared 3 levels with variety of objects hidden all over the several images. Your task in the first level is to find 11 hidden objects in a picture inside of a plane. There is no need to rush while you are searching the objects, because time is unlimited. Also, you should know that Arabella needs your help to clean up her rooms full of things. She wants to clean the mess in her new house and made a list of things for that purpose. Needed things are listed on the bottom of your screen. You have to click on the right object and it will be crossed from the list. Likewise, there is a counter in the left corner that will show you how many items you still need to find. If you cannot find some things, ask help of the hint button and it will show you the right place of searched object. Choose this game to break the boredom and you will have fun too! 

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