Saturday, January 14, 2012

Golden Mask

Golden Mask is an amazing online hidden object game. In this amazing game you will have a chance to discover some great mysteries. First, you should do is to imagine yourself that your loved grandfather has disappeared. By the way, he was an excellent researcher who disappeared during his last expedition, when he went on search for lost treasures. 

Now, try to find out what happened to him. Before you start the game, get ready for adventurous trip, in hope, that you'll discover something about the missing grandfather. First, you should find and reconstruct the pieces of his diary. Maybe that will help you to solve the great mystery. Search for clues in your grandfather's house to unlock a quest in this. It means you have to find all the listed objects which are given in the written form at the bottom of the scene.

Be careful and try to be fast because you have to discover them within the time limit. Also, you need to pick up all things on the market needed for travel to Latin America. For every found item you will get points that are calculated at the end of each level. If you want to win the game with the best result then tr to be quick. The ship is ready in the harbor and it is waiting for you to sail. I wish you a calm sea!

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