Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas With Santa


All things, to all changes. Nothing on Earth remains the same. The largest changes are observed out the nature when the seasons are changing. It gives us the right image of the word-change and what it defines. Seasons are changing alternately; hot and cold, dry and rainy periods during one year. Nature is really wonderful because it brings all that changes on such a nice and unobtrusive manner. Depending on which continent do you live, you will get such climatic conditions. But, on North Pole is always winter. Boundless white expanse is what you can usually see through the TV. Even here, exist wildlife that has adapted to that climate conditions and used the snow and ice as their shelter and protection from enemies. Now guess! Who else lives there? The most famous person in the world, Santa Claus lives there. Each year he prepares his sleigh full of gifts and rush to share them with children. Make sure if he arrived on time!

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