Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cindderella Hidden Numbers


Children learn some fairy tales long before they learn to read. For kids fairy tales represent the best stories they have ever heard before. Because of that, fairy tales stay in the person's memory for a long time. Sometimes their content and positive tale characters are used as a basis for a good computer game. You will see what am I talking about when you start Cinderella Hidden Numbers. There is no child who doesn’t know her love story and how she found her prince. This game will vividly recall to the fairy tale content. Your task is to find 20 hidden numbers in the several divine images. Look for them in every corner and every part of the picture. Magnifying glass will help you in your search to easily notice all hidden numbers. Just click on it when you see one and you score will increase. But, also expect that your points will be deducted if you make a mistake. Therefore, you will gradually discover the story. Do you want to remind of your childhood? If your answer is yes, you should find this game!  

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