Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hidden Alphabets Little Mermaid

Today, I want to present one very charming fairy tale, in the form of the task of learning letters. By combining these two things, it was created a fantastic computer game Hidden Alphabets The Little Mermaid. I truly recommend this game since it is very useful for the kids. Especially, its educational side makes this game suitable for young children who are about to start learning the letters. Through this game, learning letters can be very fun and interesting. Thus, the children choose what to play and whit it, they will learn something useful at the same time. It means that kids can play and learn without any efforts. The letters are the first step in their literacy and fairy tales are the first reading material that can reach. The choice is huge because all the fairy tales are interesting and fun. The Little Mermaid has its fans too, so if you're one of them try to read this tale on the little bit of a different way; through the images. In particular, you will be delighted with the images that are taken from the film. By the way, you will have the opportunity to remind its contents while playing this beautiful hidden object game the Little Mermaid. 

On several cute pictures are deployed all hidden letters of the alphabet. You need to search them with a magnifying glass on the whole picture. Search them even on the most hidden places to fulfill your task. For best results you should be quick and you must not make false clicks; they take 100 points from your score. You have to do all by yourself because this game has no hint button. But, surely you will not need an additional help. You have enough time available that will allow you to find all the letters in order to move to the next level. The most tempting level for me is the last one because you need to seek letter by letter. Appointed letter will show on the screen and you must find it within 20 seconds. Try to be very fast and you will get extra points. Have a nice time with different entertaining contents!

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