Monday, February 6, 2012

Hidden Ant

Those perfect tiny creatures on the planet, ants. They are simply amazing. At the same time so small and so powerful, so silent and so capable. A whole science has been developed on their research. Ants are so complex and cause a great interest to the many researchers. As the proverb has to say: you are industrious as an ant, you will never see a single ant just standing at the same place. Ants have to do something. They never rest; always carry something on their backs or simply move. They are known of that they could raise a much greater burden than their own weight. If you are thrilled by ants, this game is great for you. In this perceptual online game little ants are hidden everywhere in the pictures. You have to find and hit them. The amount of time for the search is limited, but probably is quite enough for you to find all the ants. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time. Enjoy!

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