Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ghost Hunter


What is the most terrifying thing for you? Which is the greatest fear? Fear can be very awkward phenomenon that hinders and slows you down in your daily activities. It does not let you go out when it gets dark outside. I would say that every man is afraid of the unknown. He is afraid of the things that he cannot see, can’t reach and doesn’t know what they look like. There are stories about different creatures that live in our environment, but we cannot see them. It is often said that a restless soul is trapped between two worlds because it hasn’t finished its mission on this world. Therefore, there are appeared a lot of persons who can mediate in forever finding peace for the lost souls. People who believe in this kind of stuffs, also believe in ghosts. Really frightening! If you are one of those who have no fear, here is one game for you. You need to hit every ghost and monster that will appear on your screen with the huge hammer to gain more points. Also, you will play against time. All the best!

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