Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sand Castle

Summer is the most frequent answer to the question: which season, do you like the most? With right reasons choice falls on summer season. Weather is fantastic for all sorts of activities. If you choose to spend one summer day outside you can do that where every you want. Long free walks in your city are often very interesting. You may meet many familiar people. Next choice is nature; if you decide to go on mountain it is just as nice. Nature is phenomenal; forest is place for perfect vacation of eyes and soul. Therefore, fresh air is a reward for our health. So if you are still choosing a place where you can spend the day, sea can be a real hit for those who like long lying under the sun. Do not miss the big enjoyment of exploring the beautiful sandy beaches. Just bring your swimsuit and go on summer vacation. Now is the right time for you to warm up because, the outside temperature is below zero. Sand is perfect place to write your memories on it. And, Sand Castle is perfect place for fun. The word is about a  hidden object game full of sun, sea, sand and lots of surprises. Your task is to to find all the listed items before time is up. According to your abilities choose grade of game difficulties: easy, normal or hard. Be careful, as wrong clicks incur time penalties. If you’re stuck, click the light bulb for hints! Have fun!

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