Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cats And Dogs-Unbreakable Friendship

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Human kind can’t live alone. That is also connected with the survival through ages. Man is a social being and needs to be surrounded with other people. But, for many years away, lifestyle has been changing and it is very different from the past. Today, we have less time for socializing. Each new discovery of modern life, robs us more and more of our time. So, that creates a gap between people, and they become estranged from each other. That is why, we often choose a company of our pets instead of mingling with people. Cats and dogs are the right refreshment for people who need unconditional love. They can improve your mood, if you just look at them. Also, they enter happiness into your house, but I do not know whether they could be retained together under the same roof. Generally, everybody thinks that dog and cat can’t stand each other in the immediate vicinity. This is possible only in the movies or cartoons. In the real life, it goes a little bit harder. Here's another place where you can see them side by side. Find how sweet they are. Also, you should find some similarities in the pictures. Enjoy playing this game!

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