Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cars Hidden Objects

Let us start with one very interesting adventure on wheels. Look at these cute pictures with even cuter cars and be a part of amazing fun. If you already have watched this fantastic animated movie, then you know what I mean. But, if you slipped this opportunity, now it is the right time to discover the whole crew of cheerful cars.  

This sweet pretty boy is hardly waiting to take you to one unforgettable ride for free. Join the ride and enjoy all the way while landscapes passing by. Don't forget to search for hidden objects placed all over the beautiful pictures. Each found object will disappear from the list given at the bottom of the screen.  

Now, change the vehicle and enter into something quite positively crazy blue machine. It can laugh with you, it can frown at you or can talk to you. Don't let that distract you because you have task to do. Please note that you have plenty of time to enjoy with all of them and to solve the task. Once again, I want to introduce you to the happiest bus in the world, which is the peace keeper.   

I hope you don't have any objections, but impatiently wait to choose this game!

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