Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Cartoons Memory

There is no better fun content for children than cartoons. I think you will agree with me about that. Also, each new generation has its own new cartoon heroes, but likewise everyone knows that there are heroes for all times. For example, many generations have grown with Disney characters and many more will surely grow in the future. Anyway, the most important mark of the current young generation is that they are computer's generation. And, what else children would do rather than playing games on the computer. It often happens to combine computer games with cartoons. The right game for such a situation is Fun Cartoons Memory. Certainly you won't regret if you decide to play this awesome memory game

Do you know this character? Yes, of course, it is from the Disney family. Behind every green field lies one such a hero. Try to memorize their places in order to match each of them with its pair. You have 10 seconds to find three pairs. 

The next level is a bit of harder and you have to find six pairs of your favorite cartoons characters. According to that, you have 20 second available to do your job. If time runs out before finding all pairs, you may always start from the same level.     

Don't give up now in front of even more difficult task. You should definitely try the next level. Your memory is just stared working well since it needs good training tasks. There is a lot more of this. Are you ready?

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