Sunday, March 10, 2013

Take The Treasure Adventure

Can I get your attention? This game has the most exciting story you have ever heard. It is about a big treasure hidden on the lonely and far away island. Usually, in all stories with hidden treasure, there must be a terrible monster who keeps it. So, if you want to make yourself a reach man, you have to be courageous and prepared to fight with the scary treasure keeper. 

Did I scare you? There is no need for that since the word is just about an amazing hidden differences game. You will have the chance to follow the adventures of a super courageous hero who wants to find the treasure by doing a certain task. You have to discover the differences between two images in each level.The pictures are very amusing as well as the story. 
There is the scary monster. Be very cautious and silent, so he wouldn't notice you. There must be a treasure somewhere, just look for it very carefully. You will enjoy in your task and also, in your time determined for fun!    

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