Monday, January 16, 2012

Bambi Hidden Objects

I assume you know that hidden object games have very diverse contents, especially if you are a child. They look for inspiration in different places, but mostly seek good foundation in fairy tales. Everybody knows that fairy tales are suitable for pre-school children. We also know that there is no child who is not read at list one fairy tale. Kids prefer tales because of their heroes who are always good role models and they usually like to compare with them. We can see one such character in the game Bambi Hidden Objects. Bambi is the cutest deer you have ever seen and also presents an excellent example of a good friend. So, choose this fantastic game and go into unforgettable adventure with him. This game has used the most beautiful images of the same named fairy tale for hiding the various objects on them. Therefore, you aim is to find them all and win the points. Each correct item brings 100 points. Also, you may test your observation skills by finding the entire hidden objects without making any mistakes. Be aware, mistakes bring you 25 penalty points. Do you want to see how far you can follow Bambi through his adventures? Try it and have a nice play!

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