Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty And The Beast

I still stick on games with content taken from fairy tales. Those are my favorite because their characters are familiar to me. So, the game I want to present you right now, has built its goal on one very famous fairy tale; Beauty and the Beast. The main character was so beautiful that her beauty was known far away as well as the goodness of the beast. And then, a beautiful romantic story develops further. I'm sure you are familiar with this great story. Like in all fairy tales as well in this one, love wins at the end. Only love is worth all the sufferings required to get in front of its door. If I have intrigued a little bit with the story above, then check out what kind of game is this? Surely you will assume that its task is hidden into the most beautiful scenes you've ever seen, taken from eponymous fairy tale movie. So, you should follow the game instructions. On every image are hidden certain objects that you need to find for a limited time. The required objects are located at the bottom of the picture and bring points. When you find one hit on it; for each correct click you will get 100 points. But, for incorrect you lose 25 points. Also, enjoy the soft music which follows the story and has such power to take you directly into the world of dreams. Have fun!

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