Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hidden Seahorse

The sea depths are concealing a countless various secrets. Men had always been interested in all expanses of the water. It is so because of the fact that the strangest and the biggest creatures live there. Sea World is one of the richest and numerous than any other wildlife on the planet. I like to say that I love fish, especially in the aquarium. Lately, I’m fascinated by the seahorses because I discovered a very interesting fact about the seahorse males. They carry eggs from which seahorses babies are born. This kind of reproduction is much rarer in the whole animal’s world. Also, their appearance attracts a lot of curious eyes. For all those curious people, I have one very interesting computer game. You task is to find 15 seahorses for a limited time. They are hidden in several beautiful images that represent the deep sea. Enjoy since the images are created for that!

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