Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cars 2 Find The Alphabets

I have to admit that I do not know someone who does not like games, yet. Their rich content can satisfy even fastidious person and their diversity simply thrills. Very often, the basis for a good game is taken from familiar fairy tales, cartoons or movies. What they have in common is a recognizable images, music and wonderful background. Games like that are twice as much exciting and fun. When I have to choose one of those games then I will choose: Cars 2 Find The Alphabets. I am very impressed of the similarity to the movie. Images are faithfully represented like in the film. You will like this game if you like speed driving. All you need to have is a keen eye.
The game from the above is amazing hidden object game. In this fun game you have to find all the hidden objects. This time, the hidden objects are hidden letters and they are scattered everywhere in the several different pictures. All you have to do is to get in the game by clicking on the play button and you have to go out on the asphalt. Test your observation abilities to find every letter from the alphabet. Look very careful, for each right clicks you will win 100 points. Try to avoid wrong clicks; they will take you 50 points from your score, rather click on hint button. It is a small yellow ball that’s slipping all the time. So, you need to wake it up for help and it will tell you the right place of the letter that you seek for. You don’t have to be fast because the time is not limited. So, you should take as much time as you need for some letters who are very well hidden and they will make you a little problem. But, if you love the film you will certainly do your task. Be persistent and see how far you can get.
We do not need much for relaxing ourselves. We only have to find a proper way of entertainment that will give us a dose of relaxation for the entire day. Hidden object games can do that for sure. Therefore, they will provide energy for the next day, as well. If you don’t believe me, play this fun game and assure yourself. All the best!

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